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and the general politic. she looked up some information on san francisco park before she disappeared. >> and they're following and. >> oakland police would not talk about cameras on the case but did provt the update, investigators receive information that she was seen in west oakland after she was reported missing. her daughter did not leave voluntarily. >> she could not do this knowing that people would be looking for her >> it's parent's worst nightmare of not knowing. >> reporter: erica had been through the tougr , her friends and family said recently she's seen upbeat and optimistic in okay land channel 2 news. >>> in connection with an innocent in dublin last month. through a tweet from the rapper who's real name isley. --ps for blasting a stair owe and driving a car that's not registered to him t. it stands by the arrest and seeking a misdemeanor charge. >>> investigators say 21-year-old ran a red light before her car struck scot hicker son back in november. bar officials say they're resuing camera footage tonight to determine how long a homeless man was insid elevator shaft. this happened
:00. >> good evening, it's monday march 25th. reporters of same sex marriage are gathered in san francisco distribute at this hour on the've of a historic hearing at the united states supreme court. a happening now, a big march that's about to start. this is where the march will begin. hundreds of people plan to march from this location to city hall for tonight's rally. a christian captain is there on the ground to tell us about the mood. give us a closer look of what's taking place. >>> yeah, we got here at about 4:00 this amp and watch the crowd really balloon here. take a look. you can see the crowd move out. you can see the crowd is much, much bigger than it appears from this angle. it filled what are vie plaza. they spilled out here on to castro street. a lot of folks waiting for the decision. the crowd happy at this point. they say that even though the supreme court is 3,000-miles away, in a lot of ways, this is the center of same sex marriage. >> organizers sat up hours before the march anticipating big crowds. billy bradford says he's hoping the supreme court speaks out clearly. >
>> and the sandy hook victims came to san francisco to launch a new gun initiative. >>> good evening. it's thursday, march 14th. this is bay area news at seven. >>> happening now search and rescue teens are looking for a scottsman who has suffered a head injury and is missing. >> he fell at henry skill state park last saturday. he was released monday but wasn't acting like himself and talked about going back to the place he fell. >> they saw him last night before they went to bed. they don't think he left until this sometime this morning. >> his family says they doubt he could walk far because of his injuries. more than 2 dozen people are looking for abraham. >>> we're getting word of a fatal shooting. we know bart police are investigating. it happened at 6:20 this evening. bart service is not effected but police have streets blocked off. we have a crew on the way. we'll bring updates later in the newscast. >>> a substitute teacher is facing pornography charges. nathan forsel was arrested yesterday. the elementary district says he taught at several of its schools between 2008
utah and is in protective custody. the 20-year-old took a bus from san francisco to sparks, , nevada, along the way he joined up with a man who became his traveling companion. the man was curious after abraham gave him three different names. that man did a search at the library this afternoon and learned that abraham was missing. >> worked with this -- at this point, unidentified person to make sure that mr. abraham did not leave this library. this person who was traveling with him did a greater great service to him and his family. >> the 20-year-old has not been acting like himself since suffering a head injury in a fall on saturday. >>> tomorrow is the first anniversary of teenager sierra lamar. she vanished on her way to school at a bus stop. volunteers plan to conduct their weekly search for her. a body has not been found, but dna evidence connects torres to the teen's disappearance. they charged him with her murder. >>> residents are expressing outrage tonight after registered sex offender moved into their neighborhood. people who live in bay point held a protest this afternoon
search your cell phone, is it legal? in san francisco, police seek to answer that question. new at 7:00, live in the city where, jena, you spoke to the man at the center of this lawsuit >>reporter: we did. also, i red through the civil lawsuit. it's about 55 pages and san francisco police told me they had no comment. this does raise the issue, as you mentioned, should police be allowed to search through cell phone e text, data and messages without a warrant? >> bob says he was protest nothing san francisco when he was arrested -- protesting when he was arrested. >> i was engaged in a completely nonviolence activity. >> they looked through his cell phone messages despite his objections. >> my cell phone had nothing to do with why i was arrested. >> today, the aclu joined him in a lawsuit filed against san francisco police. >> police need a warrant to search homes, and so they would need to have one to search our phones. >> the state constitution has stricture privacy protections. >> when the phone is searched, it's not just the privacy of the person who was arrested; everyone they com
production. >> now to san francisco where a pedestrian was hit by a late rail vehicle, struck at 19th avenue, just after 3 p.m.. the woman was taken to san francisco general with life threatening injuries. service was restored one hour ago. >> a man is facing murder charges after the stabbing of another man this afternoon. police say there was some sort of an altercation between the 2 on elderado street. he's identified at 27-year old christopher armstrong. >> police apprehended alexander after the incident. >> the fbi said today it arrested a man along the las vegas strip that left three people dead. this is a newly released video of ammar harris. police say harris fired at least five shots into a car last week killing 27-year-old kenneth terry junior. it slammed into a taxi, killing the driver and his passenger. >>> since the newtown shooting we've brought you a number of stories about bay area gun buy back programs. today our crews got an exclusive look at what happened to nearly 700 weapons during the buy back. this is a secret location where the metal is melted down. >> the guns are run
respects in san francisco today for a family killed by an alleged drunk driver in daly city. 50-year-old josepha and her two sons died after their car was broadsided by a speeding driver earlier this month. police arrested 28-year-old sunny vail man. he faces three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter and other charges. >>> happening now bart is wrapping up the first day of a test allowing cyclists on board at all times of the day with their bikes even during the busy commute hours. jana live at the bart station to tell us how the first day went both for sieshg lists and other riders. jana. >> not bad so far, gasia. i asked bart officials just how many people this impact. they say there's about 5% of their rider who is use bicycles and that number is growing. they're trying this pilot program, and it lasts from today until friday. >> bikes on bart are common, but bike riders have long been frustrated with bans on certain trains at certain times. >> sometimes they kick me off. sometimes they try to sneak in. i'm not going to lie, i do try to sneak in because i got to get home or com
. >>> now it's led to other problems how san francisco's mayor plans to help homeowners impacted by that large water main break. >> and 2 of the people caught aboard that stolen luxury yacht are free tonight. >>> there are more showers and even a chance for thunder showers in your bay area news forecast. ♪ roundup ♪ i want a weed free season, that's how i roll ♪ ♪ so i reach for roundup extended control ♪ ♪ with the all-new, no pump, one-touch wand ♪ ♪ it kills weeds dead and keeps weeds gone ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control ♪ i just spray them weeds, then spray them cracks ♪ ♪ the weeds are gone, and they won't be back ♪ ♪ driveway, patio, i just spray once ♪ ♪ and it's adios weeds for up to four sweet months ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control [ male announcer ] roundup extended control ♪ yeha with the new one-touch wand. [ whip cracks ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. . >>> former congresswoman gabrielle gifford returned for the very ffrt time sinc
to weekend to help clean up. >>> taxi drivers showed up in droves, both inside and outside san francisco city hall tonight outraged about what they call an unlevel playing field. city leaders were meeting to vote on the plan that zapped real time information on caps so people can hail them using a mobile app. first they heard from cab drivers, demanding regulations. they also expressed concerns about a proposal to allow hundreds of more cabs in the next years. >> before you guys started flooding the streets there, were enough drivers to cover shifts. there aren't anymore. if you have a broken leg, i have to show up. >> why should we follow these rules when we can go get a pink mustache and ignore the rules. >> drivers said they're making 50% yet. >>> droves are for the next big thing in the aerospace industry. in sacramento, law makers heard from the military experts about the civilian use of drones. >>> the u.s. marine corps has issued a moratorium after seven marines were killed last night. this happened last night. officials say a 60 millimeter mortar exploded unexpectedly, killing the men
, march 5th. gasia is out to want. this is bay area news at 7:00. happening now vigil in san francisco for the late venezuelan president, hugo chavez. word that chavez lost his struggle with cancer came late this afternoon and within a couple of hours had gathered for a rally in his honor. despite chavez's anti-american views, the organizer of the rally said they had come to celebrate the life of quote an incredible man. chavez was 58 years old and ruled venezuela for 14 years. as steve reports, chavez counted the united states as one of his enmys. >> the socialist leader underwent lengthy treatment in cuba for an undisclosed form of cancer having at least three operations including one to remove a tumor he described as the size of a baseball from his abdomen. his frequent absences from public view led the widespread rumors about his health and stood in mark contrast to his usual style of appearing on television for hours at a time, speaking, reading and occasionally singing. chavez introduced a new constitution and attempted to consolidate power but his radical moves led to street pro
and davis where he flagged down help. the victim was take stone san francisco general hospital. at this point, they are still looking for the shooter who took off running. >>> and a police pursuit involving a box trok may have been stolen. >> at one point, the truck was going the wrong way. >> police put down spike strips but the truck and those inside managed to drive away. >>> there's a way new of safer rattling from north korea, it's ending its nonagrecollection aggression pact, all this in response to today at the united nations. >>> the council u man noufl votes -- you man mousiously voted -- when north, cororea, countries must now block those transfers. >> north kore afired with firery red rick. he threatened a nuclear attack on the us and said a second korean war is coming up. >>> this is a country way nuclear weapon. >> north korea has defied a series of resolutions by launching a weapon in february. he remains the world is upset responding with sanctions and they are engaging in military drills in the region. >> we were able to strengthen our bonds and relationships by
grieve other. >> police are investigating only charges. >>> police at the city college of san francisco are looking for a man why tack woman at locker room shower. officers posted fliers around the ocean campus today. authorities say someone hid inside the women's lockers room saturday afternoon. the man grabbed the woman from behind. she was able to fight off her attacker. they're eting up extra patrols and reviewing safety protocols. accuse od of kicking a toddler in golden get a park. police say 24-year-old sabrina belle kicked the little girl in the chest about 4:30 yesterday afternoon and threatened to kill other children. the toddler who was not quite two is recovering are. the child's family is visit the area for a wedding wed. >>> firefighters say a worker hit a gas line. state working digging a sewrer line hit the gas line. the damages of home was limited to'ves and siding. >>> continues coverage of the conclave. the catholic card also in headed into the sistine chapel today. but did not reach the two- thirds majority needed to select a new pope. but the cardinals will be back
of the san francisco symphony strike. they were supposed to play carnegie hall tonight, but the musicians played along the picket line. >> there was a well oshg straighted picket there today. >> you can see if musics and management, don't get together soon, more performances could be foregone. >> horn player nicole cash says she hates missing performances but they need the message to come across. >>> reason all of us went into this is because we love music. >> they are asking for an increase to $140,000 base salary. a pay increase is the only way to recruit and retain top talent. >> we take extremely seriously, the artistic standing of this orchestra. >> the symphony says top talent is crucial. >> we disagree with them and want to provide a -- we agree with them and want to provide a fair package for this and a fair circumstance for the organization. >> at this point, there are no plans for negotiations to resume between the symphony and the striking musicians. live in san francisco, ktvu chan fwoel news. >>> a bay area group protested the auction of a home today. >> the grassroots demons
well aware of the problem and they will work with them to revolve the situation. >>> san francisco police are investigating the theft of thousands of dollars worth of fine wine. someone broke into fine wines international in san francisco tuesday night. the thief got away with 80 bottles of wine, worth $100,000. they are trying to figure out if this was a crime of opportunity or if it was planned. >>> trending, a viral video of a clumsy burglary. police released this surveillance video. it shows a man looking into the market. he walks out of the frame and comes back and throws a rock at the door. the window breaks, the man runs away and fell. we posted the video on www.ktvu.com so you can take another look. >>> today we got a look at the new tent cappens in the -- cabins in the yosemite national park. officials say hantavirus was contacted from droppings from infected mice. the old cabins had double wall installation that the mice could squeeze threw. >> we done lots of grading to make sure they are excluded. >> 50-91 will be available monday, april 1. the rest will be ready by may
officials say a man jumped in front of a richmond bound train there. that san francisco station was closed for more than two hours. he says that caused major delays through the system, which are lingering tonight. >>> new at 7:00 a young boy home alone when a suspected burglar comes to the door. his quick action helped police catch the man and it turns out there a string of similar crimes in the area. you spoke with the family and are about to tell us a warning from police. >> that's right. this boy is just 12 years old and amazingly, his family's house is across the street from the police station and the mall. he says that he did know what to do, though, when the burglar tried to get in. she says the doorbell range late yesterday afternoon. his father was drown the street so he looked through the peephole and saw a strange man. >> i never seen him. >> okay. then what happened. >> he -- he just went away. he looked there and then he went over here. >> reporter: he says the man went to the backdoor and up the stairs. >> i got scared. >> reporter: so he phoned his dad and ran to a
crime and turning young people away from gangs. >> 2, 1. [cheers and applause] >> in san francisco, city leaders celebrated the opening of a new police safety hub on 6th street between market and mission. the facility is not a full police station but officers will be on site until 10:30 p.m. 7 days a week. the city is beefing up hours for community ambassadors who are available to escort workers and shoppers along the central market corridor. >>> the u.s. unemployment rate fell to the lowest level in four years last month, adding more fuel to to the weeklong rally on wall street. in all, unemployment fell to 7.7% in february. employers add 236,000 jobs last month. for the first time the jobless rate is lower than when president barack obama took off. one former white house economic advisory who cheered the news said there are still too many people out of work. more than 12 million americans are unemployed. >> and though you saw some significant job additions today you also saw some more people trop out of the labor force. >> until we really see people putting their hat in the ring and lo
causing delays. several flights were delayed for hours. over at san francisco international flights were delayed for as long as two hours until the fog burned away. bay area bridges were at fog advisory this morning. once that fog took a hike we saw 70 degree and up tomorrows like youd we would. >> yes, march 1st. we are talking middle 70s across parts of the bay area. now, get ready for changes this weekend and eventually some rain clouds moving in. first, though, we will take a look at the highs from this afternoon. they are from the middle 60s towards pacifica all of way to the 70s. 74 in santa rosa, napa, morgan hill, 73 degrees. right now on the sat light. patchy fog developing off shore. first thing in the morning, fog not as widespread but dense patches to report first thing in the morning. in addition to the fog, higher clouds getting together. we are going to thicken up the cloud cover by saturday afternoon. the temperatures right now at the 7:00 hour they are beginning to cool off. mild out there. 60s out towards antioch and livermore, downtown san francisco and 61. santa rosa,
and being out about it does not get a shrug but an nfl player? >> reporter: former san francisco 49er told cnn what most assumed after he was charged with assaulting his boyfriend last august. why say it out loud so publicly now? >> i want people to know, if they are gay athletes or athletes still in the the chooseet or youth who are not quite sure what their sexuality is to realize that not only is that not unique but those feelings are common feelings. >> reporter: if they are common feelings on the football field, they are not commonly discussed. the 6'7, 329 linebacker played five seasons with the 49ers one with the raiders knowing he was gay and keeping it secret. the lastcloset.org. a campaign to end that in sports. >> they have been playing with the gay players and nothing has happened in the locker room. >> they don't know they have been playing with them. >> they don't know. >> something you should never experiences being bullied. >> reporter: the 49ers are part of it gets better bullying campaign aimed at gay and lesbian teens but change is slow. >> they don't have gay people o
hopes, someone once said in san francisco. >> we still stand with the couples and the families that are waiting for this. >> reverend james agreed, he was put on trial for performing gay marriages. >> we voted for our nation and now we must vote for marriage equality. it's about relationships and justice and lover. >> reporter: this group is planning another t . that visual is until 8:00. they'll be out here until 8:00. we have been looking around to see if there is anybody in favor of the prop 8. >> today we sampled some opinion in the bay and found there is a shift in attitude and many people are still not prepared and fully embrace the same sex marriage. >> same sex marriage couples should vl every right. i have a word with the problem f the word marriage. >> i think if two people wants to get marriage of the same sex that's all right but i don't believe bringing children to that marriage. >> other people we spoke to, they said they did not want to appear on cameras. >>> last night on ktvu 10:00 news we brought you the story of daniel martinez, in his youtube he reads a lett
the dispense i caught him and dragged him down. >> spd arrived and arrested the man from south san francisco. he had seven ipads on them, the others were missing. >> the tablets found on him yesterday were identified by other students as theirs. >> reporter: back on campus they are happy to be under the chose watch of their principal. >> close watch of their principal. >> he is protecting us. he does not want an intrudetory come in here and take what does not belong to them. that is important. >> reporter: caught on campus out here on the sunset. it is a story where at this school, could stick around. back to you. >>> a $3,000 reward is offered for the return of a service dog that was stolen while its owner slept on b.a.r.t. >> no questions asked. just i have a reward and i would love to have him home. you know? i will do anything. >> she says she dozed off on b.a.r.t with her dog in a carrier be side here on her way home from a fundraiser. when she woke up her dog is gone. he is a trained service dog that helps her cope with anxiety. the police say it is considered grand theft because arc
. >>> the music has stopped at the san francisco symphony. they cavies -- they carried picket signs. they're you tour will not happy. >>> a 31-year-old petta lumma petaluma woman near san antonio road, it appears the driver drifted into the center divide over corrected, and ended up in a ditch. the woman's three male passengers suffered major injuries. investigators say it does not appear alcohol was a factor. the name has not been released. >>> after years of waiting, drivers on highway 1 will be able to use the devil's tunnel. >> it is over budget but welcomed by many residents at a cost of millions of dollar. there's been a number of closures over the years due to rock and land slides. >>> . >>> just a bump not road for a south bay improvement project, the make over that's come with some unexpected cost. >>> and a move to make last call a lot later. there is a catch. >>> pretty warm out there today for winter weather. we've got a little fog out of the coast. it will be back tomorrow morning. they're trending the other way. i'll let you know how much cooler tomorrow. you're on timeout leo! ♪
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)

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